Psychology Conference



Conference 2017
Each year the Association of Psychology Students Amsterdam (VSPA) organizes an international scientific psychology conference. This year's subject will be the Generation Y. Generation Y, also called the millennials, is the generation thought to be lazy, spoiled, self-centered, overinflated, a generation with poor work ethic and little respect for authority. Even though the media has put a lot of attention to these negative attitudes towards the millennials in the past years, other sources throw heaps of praise upon the Generation Y. All the negative attitudes would be misconceptions and there would be an another, more positive, way of looking at the millennials. In this conference we hope to address the subject of Generation Y and the psychology behind it from various perspectives: What is the best way to manage millennials? Are the millennials sexually deviant from the previous generations? Are the millennials really lazy and narcissistic? Where do these attitudes descent from? We will look at the Generation Y from the different fields within psychology: work and organizational psychology, social psychology, sexology and clinical psychology. The answers to these questions will be given in four different lectures. The duration of each lecture will be about one hour with the possibility to ask questions.

The conference will be held on the 17th of May in “CREA” on the Roeterseilandcomplex in Amsterdam (address: Nieuwe Achtergracht 170).